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My Christmas Cards

So I had a little time tonight and I thought I would get our Christmas cards done early this year. I love these images that I was able to capture of my son…P.S. This is the same field we had the kids in for the tea party. I just LOVE the light there….so here’s a...

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Opening and Ordering in time for the Holidays

We have one opening for the 15th of November. That is my last day to guarantee Christmas delivery. OK…ready….set……schedule ……. Speaking of Christmas delivery……If you have not placed your ordered yet and you need your images before Christmas, your last day to order is December 1st. After that date I can not guarantee delivery in...

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I’ve been Tagged

My Friend Krista Tagged me Here are the rules: 1. Post the rules on your blog. 2. Write 7 random things about yourself. 3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post. 4. Pass on the tag. Here are 7 random things about me. 1) I used to be a Ballerina….I guess I have...

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Tea For Two

So yesterday I met up with a friend and her beautiful little girl. I wasn’t sure how Matthew was going to behave (since he had not slept well the night before or during his nap), but you would never know that these two children had just met. My son was such the gentleman, pouring her...

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All in the family

So about 2 weeks ago I  had the pleasure to photograph the M. family. We had a wonderful time at the Fair Hill Nature Preserve……if you haven’t noticed is one of my favorite locations. There’s always some where new to discover. Enjoy your sneak peek Ah brotherly Love!!!! This next shot cracks me up

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